Quit Porn in 30 Days

Below is a comprehensive 30-day eCourse to beating pornography, masturbation & orgasm (PMO).

Since I launched this program, over 21,000 people have used this course to conquer a porn addiction.

If they can do it, so can you.


It was amazing! even though i had been nofapping for a while before getting the eBook, i still habitually looked at porn. ever since reading it, i have not looked at any porn of any nature. i especially like the day by day style that you used. i cannot thank you enough for making my journey 50 times easier.

- Steven

The book was downright amazing. Although I still haven’t fully made it to day 30 yet (14 is my record =/) the quotes and explanations are very motivating.. . .  the content, again, is absolutely amazing.

- Blake

I LOVE your program. Seriously. I don’t think anything else has motivated me like that. . . I started out with a crippling porn addiction and I’ve managed to go without since I started. . . I have printed it out and attached it to the wall and tore off the pages like a calendar. I really hope this program brings you awesome things because you’ve pretty much changed my life. And my sex life is now off the charts… there’s so much more intimacy in my relationship now. Thank you so much Andrew. You’re going to change lives.

- Chase



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When you sign up for this course, here’s what’ll happen:

Each day, a new email will land in your inbox. (A total of 31 emails).

Each email will contain:

  1. An inspirational quote, also hand-selected for each day
  2. A short message to coach you through the challenge that day
  3. About every other day, you will also get a short lesson on the science of behavior change, and how it applies to beating PMO (see below for the lesson plan.)

This mixture of scientific advice, motivation & inspiration was hand-crafted in the Love & Freedom lab and based on feedback from the first run of this course (which over 250 individuals went through.)

Andrew. . . thanks so much for giving of your time, energy and self.  Your e-mails were an additional means of support and/or encouragement to a program I already work. Just the mere fact of opening my e-mail and seeing the subject “30-day Challenge” was helpful.  It was yet another thing to reinforce my decision and drive my addict troll back under his bridge.

- Paul

The e-course is now ONLY $27

I’m making this 30-day course available for just $27…that’s less than 1 dollar per day.

The emails every day are an amazing tool, and the content is fantastic.


What will you learn?

Below is a short preview of the different “science lessons” we’ll cover over the course of 30 days.

Day 1: The top 10 mistakes in behavior change

Day 2: Things that build & drain your willpower

Day 3: What we mistakenly believe will reduce our stress vs. what actually works

Day 4: How planning to fail can actually help us succeed

Day 5: How to use heart rate variability to build your willpower

Day 6: How to hack your habit triggers

Day 7: The science of neurotransmitter recovery

Day 8: How to improve your willpower with “breath pacing”

Day 10: One ‘magic bullet’ for beating depression

Day 12: Paying off sleep debt 

Day 13: How relaxation is used by pro-athletes & how you can do the same

Day 14: Avoiding the pitfall of ‘moral licensing’

Day 15: Beating your guilt & inner self-critic

Day 20: How to leverage ‘failure delay’

Day 21: Why thought suppression doesn’t work (& what works instead)

Day 24: What we can learn from ancient Vipassana meditation techniques (recently validated by science)

Day 29: The essence of willpower

I just want to say thank you so much for the PMO emails…What I found though was that your emails stopped being about my PMO-Free journey and just a journey about myself. PMO-Free was just one cog in my system but it was the vehicle that I hadn’t been jumping on. The quotes were inspiring and your words were even greater. I skipped a few days in the 20s because I was bombarded with work but they are sitting in my folder waiting to be read and several of the emails are now in my “Starred” folder (especially days 10 and 11). I also downloaded the PDF file as I think I may start feeling a bit lost without your daily update :( Once again, thank you for everything. Your emails were just so much more than being PMO-Free related and I can’t thank you enough. I’ll be signing up for your newsletter as soon as I’ve hit sent.

- Paul


Now just $27 

This is an incredible resource.  I feel like it’s the game changer for me after many, many attempts of quitting.  Thank you.

- Kevin

Last January, my wife discovered my porn addiction, threw me out of the house and told me she wanted a divorce…I told her about this program and she was happy that I was taking positive steps to help myself. During the last few weeks we have talked more than in the last few years and have discovered that we still are great friends that can’t imagine our lives without the other…31 days ago none of this would have been possible…I can’t thank you enough. My life is richer and promises to be more rewarding because of you and your program.

- John 

Best of luck to you on your journey!