One thing to Cheer About Whereas the Financial system and Almost Every little thing Else Tanks: A Excellent New Guide


A evaluation of Dr. Steven Jonas’ newest e-book, “one hundred and one Concepts and Insights for Triathletes and Duathletes” (Wholesome Studying/ Coaches Selection, Monterrey, CA., 118 pages, $19.ninety five). That is the a lot-anticipated sequel to the landmark work “Triathloning for Abnormal Mortals.” The latter led hundreds, maybe tens of hundreds, of novice athletes into the game of triathlon, rendering the expertise each fulfilling in addition to profitable. In one hundred and one Concepts, Dr. Jonas serves up complete steerage with factual info and insights based mostly on his in depth involvement with triathlon and its little sister sport, duathlon. (The latter, in case you did not know, consists of a run, bike and run.) I do not look after the identify a lot. Because the swim is lacking, I favor “dryathlon.” Nevertheless, no one listens to me so duathlon it’s.) The 9 chapters handle motivation, getting began, number of race choices, coaching, gear, race day particulars and methods, vitamin, damage prevention and administration and staying with it. Every chapter has from 5 to twenty sub-chapters pertinent to the featured subjects. In case you have a query about the way to put together for a triathlon or duathlon that Dr. Jones has not addressed, you’re in all probability worrying an excessive amount of.